Sunday, November 2, 2008

Effective teaching strategies

The teaching strategy that I noticed being used and I used myself was asking the students what they wanted to do or if they new how to play the game that I had named. This makes them feel that we as teachers are listening and care what they have to say. I noticed when I played a game that they wanted to play for a few minutes they were ready to try a new game that I would explain. Also having the students come into a circle around the person that is teaching so he/she can explain the game was very effective. Breaking them up into teams first seems to get the students distracted and they don’t listen to instructions as well.

The hop and gallop

I worked with and observed two kindergarteners named Luke and Sophia who were both five years old. Luke had more trouble with all the locomotor skills then Sophia did most obvious the hop. He was unable or was not sure he had to hop on one foot. Sophia on the other hand did most of the movements with no problem. The only thing she did have some trouble with was swinging her arms correctly during the gallop. When I realized that Luke associated the hope with hopping like a frog I showed him the way that we wanted him to do it today. He then corrected his hop but still had trouble doing it the way we wanted.