Monday, December 8, 2008

My experience

Reflecting on your experience so far at St Mary’s, what do you think have been some difficulties or challenges you have faced? Consider all areas – environment, children, etc.
I feel the biggest challenge that I have faced so far is keeping the students interested in the games we are trying to play with them. Since we see the children so late in the day and many of them want to do there own thing it is difficult sometimes to get them to listen to the directions. My group has done very well in picking games that we could explain quickly and still keep the students engaged for a considerable amount of time.
Now that we have been going for a few weeks and all the children know us by name and are more comfortable around us it is much easier to get them to listen and participate.

What ideas/suggestions do you have to resolve the difficulties or challenges that you wrote about in #1?
When we first went to St. Mary’s I was choosing games to play with the students that were slightly above there ability. I was used to working with middle school students, through the boys and girls club, that could understand more complex directions mainly because they were older. Now that we have gone to St. Mary’s and I know what games are suitable for younger students I have been doing much better finding more age appropriate games.

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